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    You Should Definitely Sign Up For Our Daily Dog Newsletter

    It will be the best — and most adorable — decision you've made in a while.

    If this tiny pup presenting you with the gift of a leaf stirs something deep in your heart, then we've got great news for you.

    That's because BuzzFeed has a newsletter that is totally and completely about dogs!

    Peter York

    (And their occasional, equally-as-adorable friends.)

    It's called "Dog a Day" and it's exactly as wonderful as it sounds. You get a picture of a different adorable pup each and every day.

    And getting a picture of an adorable pooch in your email inbox every day is completely life-changing. Seriously — take it from these subscribers:

    The @BuzzFeed Dog A Day newsletter continues to bless me.

    Signing up for the Dog a Day newsletter from @BuzzFeed was easily one of my best decisions

    Signing up for the BuzzFeed daily dog newsletter was the best decision I've ever made tbh

    The best adult decision I've made is signing up for Buzzfeed's dog newsletter. I now receive daily emails of dogs. I am adult.

    Signing up for the @BuzzFeed Dog A Day newsletter was the smartest decision I've made all year. Do it.

    If you haven't subscribed to the daily dog's newsletter on buzzfeed, you're seriously missing out.

    So if you're looking for your regular dose of adorable, enter your email address below to sign up for Dog a Day and start receiving all the cute pups you can handle!

    If you can't see the signup box above, just go here to sign up!