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28 Gifts For Anyone Who Likes Cheese More Than People

♫ I'm dreaming of a cheesy Christmas... ♫

1. A grilled cheese sandwich that won't get your clothes all greasy when you hug it.

2. An amazing gun that dispenses hot cheese instead of hot glue.

The easily removable (and washable) cheese compartment is designed to fit sticks, but you can also use shredded cheese or folded up slices. Pick some cheese, heat up the gun, and top off some nachos! Or build a cracker cottage! Or seal up some mess-free tacos!

Note: The Fondoodler is licensed and sold by BuzzFeed.

3. A cozy sweatshirt to wear while making a Leaning Tower of Cheeza.

4. A tote that knows what dreams are made of.

5. A personalized keychain for the ~cheese in your sandwich~.

6. And a friendship necklace to wear with your cheese-loving chums.

7. Plus a pair of enamel friendship pins.

8. Party plates that'll make your next wine and cheese party a little less stuffy.

They're reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Get them from Amazon for $12.69 (for a set of four).

9. A wall calendar printed with cheeses from all around the world.

10. A dress that's sure to garner at least five, "OMG! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?" comments.

It's up to you whether you decide to reveal your secret or not.

Get it from Amazon for $14.99 (available in sizes XS to XXXL).

11. A wall organizer that looks like a big ol' slice of Swiss.

12. A cheese knife that won't get lost in a cluttered drawer.

13. An incredibly informative cheese wheel (sorted by the type of animal the cheese came from and texture).

14. A tea towel to clean up spills after you get a little toooooooo enthusiastic about eating queso.

15. A book to teach you about the ~art~ of the cheese plate.

16. Socks for wannabe cheesemongers.

17. Ornaments to turn your tree into a veritable cheese counter.

18. Cheese picks that have better penmanship than you.

19. A tee to wear when you pray to the Cheese Gods.

20. A notepad printed with the one item you *alwaysalwaysalways* have on your grocery list.

21. A cheesy puff trio for people who are a little too good for Pirate's Booty and Cheez Balls.

22. Cufflinks so you can express your love for the greatest food on the face of the earth when you're at a formal event.

23. A wooden cheeseboard engraved with a (personalized) message of love.

24. A stacking game for a whole family of cheese lovers to play on game night.

25. A gadget to help anyone (even YOU!) make cheese right at home.

26. A cheese curling knife you can also use for chocolate... although why you'd want to is beyond me.

27. A tee for people who know that fries aren't complete until they're covered with the good stuff.

28. And illustrated paper to wrap up your pile of cheese-tastic gifts.

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