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    The Best Of BuzzFeed 2021

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    From photos to quizzes, news to recipes, here are the top 35 things our audience enjoyed in 2021 across BuzzFeed, Tasty, BuzzFeed News and HuffPost (including O&O, YouTube, Facebook).


    Top 5 Posts

    Kelvin Murray / Getty Images
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    TikTok / @saythegay
    John Moore / Getty Images
    1. BuzzFeed Nifty: Dollar Store DIY #shorts

    2. BuzzFeed Nifty: IKEA Flip #shorts

    3. About To Eat: Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef

    4. BuzzFeed Video: I Accidentally Became A Meme: Me Explaining To My Mom

    5. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network: The Demonic Possession of the Conjuring House

    Top 5 Tasty YouTube Videos

    1. BuzzFeed Video: 3...2...1...Ow!

    2. BuzzFeed Nifty: let these hedgecutters soothe your mind

    3. BuzzFeed News: Sheering Animal Fur

    4. BuzzFeed Video: it could be this simple

    5. BuzzFeed News: Shampoo Plant