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    HuffPost Launches Groundbreaking “Indigenous Voices” Vertical

    Indigenous Voices Is The First Vertical By A Major US Publication Dedicated To Native American And Indigenous Experiences

    New York – November 14, 2022 – HuffPost, the award-winning news organization that publishes original journalism reaching 65 million monthly global readers, today launched Indigenous Voices, a new vertical featuring the perspectives and voices of Indigenous peoples.

    Indigenous Voices is part of the greater HuffPost Voices vertical, which uplifts the smartest identity content on the internet, including Queer Voices, Black Voices, and Latino Voices. Re-launched in 2022 under the leadership of Raj Punjabi, HuffPost Voices shares the stories, influence and creativity of people of color, queer people and women. Steeped in culture, HuffPost Voices celebrates the vibrancy of experiences written by people from historically marginalized spaces.

    Indigenous Voices Content:

    HuffPost: This Indigenous Artist Is Setting The Record Straight Through Design

    HuffPost: This Indigenous Community Was Deemed 'Extinct.' Its Food Culture Destroys That Myth.

    HuffPost: I Dug Up Burial Grounds To Address Indigenous Erasure — And My Own Family Trauma

    HuffPost: Maybe It's Time To Stop Plagiarizing Mexican Fashion

    HuffPost: 'Tourists' In Our Own Homeland

    “Indigenous Voices highlights HuffPost’s commitment to report with empathy and put people at the heart of every story. For centuries, the stories and experiences of Indigenous Americans have been marginalized or suppressed altogether. I’m proud and excited that Indigenous Voices will provide a space for Indigenous people to write openly and freely about their experiences to HuffPost’s massive global audience,” said Danielle Belton, HuffPost Editor-in-Chief.

    "Widespread cultural erasure has prevented many of us from examining Indigenous stories and understanding the complexities that tribal communities experience today. Indigenous Voices will be a space for nuanced conversations about what it means to survive and thrive in this cultural, geographical, and inherently political identity," said Raj Punjabi, Director of HuffPost Voices.


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