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    BuzzFeed’s Most Viewed Of 2020

    Is this cake?

    This is a collage of photos from BuzzFeed's most viewed content of 2020.

    2020 brought humans together with a shared sense of uncertainty and a heightened need for human connection. People around the world came to BuzzFeed for truth and joy, searching for trustworthy news of the state of the world, ways to cope with the challenges of an unprecedented shared reality and entertaining ways to escape. Here’s BuzzFeed’s most-viewed content of 2020:

    Top 5 BuzzFeed Videos on Facebook

    This is a photo of a cake that resembles a roll of toilet paper.

    1. BuzzFeed Video: Kids Are So Pure

    2. Tasty: These Are All Cakes

    3. BuzzFeed Video: Free Food For Math Problems

    4. BuzzFeed Food: Coffee & Nature ASMR @eeklaf

    5. Nifty: I Need These Disney Shoes

    Top 5 BuzzFeed Videos on YouTube

    This is a thumbnail of the Hide The Pain meme.