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    BuzzFeed Unveils Social Sabotage, All-New Game Where Players Accept Challenges to Do Awkward Things On Social Media

    BuzzFeed’s First-Ever Card Game Will Be Available Exclusively On,, and In Select Walmart Stores Nationwide Ahead of The Holidays for $24.97

    New York, NY — November 6, 2017 — BuzzFeed today unveiled Social Sabotage, an all-new card game that dares its players to post, ping and text hilariously embarrassing messages to friends across social media. Each round, one player chooses a “WHERE” card that suggests a social media platform or text message recipient; then, the other players choose a “WHAT” card that suggests a totally cringe-worthy message, picture, or caption to send — think “[insert sample what card]” and “[insert sample what card].”

    Developed by BuzzFeed Product Labs, BuzzFeed’s Social Sabotage will be sold for $24.97 exclusively through, and in select Walmart stores. Beginning today, shoppers can pre-order Social Sabotage through The game will be available on and in select Walmart stores later in time for the holidays.

    “Technology fails are the funniest fails — from an autocorrect gone wrong, to a text message meant for your girlfriend sent to your dad, to the picture you Tweeted but meant for a DM,” said Ben Kaufman, Head of BuzzFeed Product Labs. “Social Sabotage takes a lighthearted look at the miscommunications and misadventures of life in the digital age, and allows us all to have a little fun with our carefully crafted social media personas.”

    BuzzFeed’s Social Sabotage gameplay is simple - there are two types of cards: ‘WHERE’ cards which give the destination for the players message, picture or caption and ‘WHAT’ cards which provide the awkward messages, pictures or caption the player will need to send. ‘WHERE’ cards include ‘Post in a Facebook Group...’ ‘Send to a Friends of Your Parents…’ ‘Post on Instagram…’ etc, while ‘WHAT’ cards include actions ‘Send me a photo of your toilet? ASAP?’ ‘A photo of your doing your best party trick…’ ‘We need to talk…’ Players take turns challenging one another with a combination of ‘WHERE’ and ‘WHAT’ cards. The player with the courage to collect the most cards wins. The game requires three or more players and includes 410 ‘WHAT’ cards and 90 ‘WHERE’ cards, all you need is a access to a smartphone to play.

    Launched in October 2016, BuzzFeed Product Labs develops social commerce products and experiences based on BuzzFeed IP, viral data and insights. Its signature products include the bestselling customized Tasty Cookbooks, Homesick Candles, the Glamspin, the Tasty One Top and more.


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