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    BuzzFeed, Rosario Dawson, And Offsides Productions Partner To Present New Scripted Short Series ‘Normal Ain’t Normal’

    Official Poster and September Release Date Announced

    August 25, 2022 – New York, NY – Rosario Dawson and Offsides Productions have partnered with BuzzFeed to release a new scripted digital short series, Normal Ain’t Normal. The four episode series will be available to stream weekly via BuzzFeed on BuzzFeedVideo on YouTube and Facebook beginning September 27, 2022.

    “This series is as full of heart as it is of laughs, and is a powerful reflection of how very real the struggles have been for so many these last couple of years,” says co-producer Rosario Dawson. “As millions of people are dealing with rising evictions, racism, and extreme inequality, Normal Ain’t Normal shows that these injustices aren’t the ‘normal’ we want to go back to as a country. I’m thrilled to be working with this talented team of artists and creative changemakers who are imagining a new way forward. The show is beautiful, provocative, and funny as hell.”

    "We were immediately drawn to the project's authentic storytelling and compelling characters -- mirroring BuzzFeed's mission to use our platforms to amplify diverse perspectives and impact culture," said Jessica Massa, Director of Editorial Video. "We're thrilled to partner with Rosario and Offsides Productions to share a unique, short-form series that poignantly tackles critical questions facing our society today through memorable characters and vivid stories."

    Normal Ain’t Normal explores the struggles, absurdities, and surprising possibilities of working-class people navigating the strange terrain as we emerge from the pandemic across the U.S. Co-produced by and co-starring Rosario Dawson, the series also features performances from D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai (Reservation Dogs) and Martin Sensmeier (Yellowstone). Following four colorful characters in Oakland, CA who offer a unique, intimate glimpse inside our country’s growing fault lines of race, class, and extreme inequality, Normal Ain’t Normal is a bold and irreverent challenge of what is ‘normal’ – and what ‘should’ be normal – in a healthy society.

    “When you live in weird fucking times like we do right now, we thought it was important to create a show that asks the big questions about how our lives – and our country – could look healthier whenever this pandemic finally ends,” says Healey. He adds, “It’s not just our physical health, but all the things from workers rights to affordable housing that really make a healthy society for everyone. With Normal Ain’t Normal, we’re aiming to hit folks in their hearts, minds, and funny bones. What can I say? It’s going to be a wild ride.”

    Normal Ain’t Normal was directed by Yvan Iturriaga and co-created by Iturriaga and Josh Healey. The series was co-produced by Rosario Dawson and Offsides Productions and co-written by Tommy Orange (NY Times bestselling author), Reem Assil (James Beard Award finalist chef/writer), Yvan Iturriaga (PBS Films), Reyna Amaya (Comedy Central, TruTV), and Josh Healey (NPR Snap Judgment). Healey, who also founded Offsides Productions, previously collaborated with Dawson on the digital series, The North Pole, which Dawson executive produced and co-starred in.

    Offsides’ other recent digital projects have attracted over 15 million viewers and amplified visionary grassroots movements across the country. Such projects include: “What to My People is the Fourth of July?” with Daveed Diggs, in partnership with the Movement for Black Lives; “912, What’s Your White Emergency?” with Sarah Cooper and Sarah Silverman, in partnership with Color of Change; and “Safe Voting Feels So Good” with Diane Guerrero, supporting get-out-the-vote efforts for young people in key swing states.

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    Offsides Productions creates bold, cinematic content that is politically urgent, entertaining, and sparks the radical imagination for social change. Founded in 2020, their recent projects with Daveed Diggs, Sarah Silverman, and Diane Guerrero have attracted over 25 million viewers and amplified progressive grassroots movements across the country.


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