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    BuzzFeed Reaches More Than 130 Million Unique Visitors In November

    Facebook and other social networks contribute to site's growth by propelling quality journalism and entertainment

    DECEMBER 2, 2013 - BuzzFeed announced today that November was its biggest traffic month ever, reaching more than 130 Million unique visitors globally, according to Google Analytics. As first reported by BuzzFeed, much of this growth was driven by Facebook's recent shift towards driving traffic to quality publishers. BuzzFeed Video, one of the biggest original content creators on YouTube, reached a record high with more than 110M video views.

    BuzzFeed traffic in November:

    -More than 130M unique visitors, a 350% increase YOY

    -Record high BuzzFeed homepage traffic

    -Record high active users on iOS and Android apps

    -30 posts received more than 1M views

    -More people visited BuzzFeed in November than in the first four years of the site's existence

    BuzzFeed Video in November:

    -More than 110M video views, a record high

    -More than 3M subscribers, 160% growth over the last 6 months

    -13 videos received more than 1M views

    Facebook was the top referral for posts ranging from longform features, world news, breaking news reports, entertaining content to original recipes. Social drove traffic for other scoops and exclusives ranging from foreign to literary news. Twitter, Google and Facebook referrals all hit record highs in November, though Facebook's growth far outpaced all other traffic sources and was the primary driver in BuzzFeed's growth. Particularly, Twitter referral traffic has had consistent growth and is up 180% over the last 12 months.

    In 2014, BuzzFeed will host a Social Publisher Series focusing on individual social networks, how they benefit journalism and share best practices. The series will be free and open to publishers in the BuzzFeed Partner Network, comprised of more than 200 leading publishers including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, The New Yorker and Slate.

    In just eight months, BuzzFeed's UK team has grown UK traffic 400%, bringing a new international audience. Recently launched BuzzFeed Brasil, BuzzFeed France and BuzzFeed en Español have also led the site's traffic growth internationally. International traffic will continue to drive growth in 2014 with leadership from Scott Lamb, VP of International, and new languages and markets.

    BuzzFeed is now ranked 16th on Quantcast.

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