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    BuzzFeed Is Paying Out Its Highest Performing Community Contributors This Summer

    Writers Can Earn an Unlimited Amount of Dollars During “Summer Writers’ Challenge”

    June 14, 2021— Today, BuzzFeed announced the launch of the Summer Writers’ Challenge, an unlimited fund that will give BuzzFeed Community contributors $150 to $10,000 payouts for each high-performing post for 8 weeks between Tuesday, June 15 - Sunday, August 15.

    The BuzzFeed Community has a longstanding reputation of developing an inclusive environment where users create an array of content from fresh new quizzes and class assignments to deepest obsessions and fandom posts. Through this challenge, BuzzFeed will begin exploring avenues to gamify the writing experience and reward high-performing contributors who bring a unique perspective to the site.

    This Summer program expands on BuzzFeed’s ongoing commitment to support writers through initiatives including intern classes, fellowship programs and staff writer hirings.

    Peggy Wang, Executive Director of BuzzFeed Growth & Trends, on the significance of developing a monetization model for BuzzFeed Community contributors:

    “Our BuzzFeed community is incredibly valuable to us — our contributors ARE our audience, and opening up our platform means BuzzFeed can better represent and serve our audience’s needs. Many Community members use BuzzFeed to connect with one another through their mutual interests and fandoms, and they share their unique perspective on BuzzFeed with us. In the future, we are interested in launching new opportunities to offer our talented users tangible rewards, and find new ways to make the user experience even more fulfilling and successful.”

    Sara Thompson, who was recently hired as a full time BuzzFeed Community Editor, detailed her experience as a former BuzzFeed Community contributor:

    “I was able to write about the pop culture hidden gems I love that aren't covered often. There was no better feeling than seeing something I created being shared on the BuzzFeed front page and social media!”

    To be eligible, users must be at least 16 years of age, receive a minimum of 150,000 pageviews on each post and be a legal U.S. resident during the challenge period. Full details on the Summer Writers’ Challenge can be found here.