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    BuzzFeed and Instagram Partner for IGTV Series, “BuzzFeed’s Show Off”

    The 8-episode series leverages the digital media company’s biggest brands and personalities.

    New York, NY— November 11, 2020 — BuzzFeed is teaming up with Instagram for an innovative, first-of-its kind IGTV social series, “BuzzFeed’s Show Off,” premiering November 18 at 10:00am PST on BuzzFeed's Instagram.

    The 8-episode series leverages the digital media company’s biggest brands and personalities, and will feature eight rising content creators competing for the opportunity to star in a video alongside their BuzzFeed idols.

    ‘BuzzFeed’s Show Off’ will roll out through a series of challenges that utilizes features native to Instagram and elements of both short-form and long-form video. BuzzFeed talent will invite up-and-coming creators to participate in BuzzFeed-specific challenges which will play out across in-feed posts, Reels, and Stories, with all of the action, drama and hilarious reactions unfolding on IGTV.

    The episodes will feature feed-favorite BuzzFeed creators like Jazzmyne Robbins, Kelsey Impicciche, Inga Lam, Merle O’Neal, Freddie Ransome, Maya Murillo, Aria Inthavong and Alix Traeger, and follow new creators looking to break out as talent on BuzzFeed’s largest, including Tasty, Multiplayer, As/Is, Cocoa Butter, Pero Like, BuzzFeed Video, Goodful and the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network.

    Each week the audience will follow the competition in a different space, recreating viral recipes, celebrating Black and Latinx culture, attempting beauty challenges, catching spooks and more, all across the BuzzFeed universe. With “BuzzFeed’s Show Off,” BuzzFeed is leaning into its success in utilizing new tools to tell stories, leveraging the Facebook ecosystem to help up-and-coming creators establish their voice and their audience.

    Launching Wednesday, November 18, new episodes of “BuzzFeed’s Show Off” will roll out on each Wednesday at 10:00 am PST on BuzzFeed's Instagram. Hero episodes featuring the winning challengers will air on the BuzzFeed brand Facebook page and YouTube channel at 10:00 am PST each following Saturday.