South Carolina Democrat Labels Haley “Sikh Jesus”

The political director of the South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus takes an ethnically-charged jab at Governor Nikki Haley. “Bigotry abounds,” says her spokesman.

@nikkihaley is the Sikh Jesus. She can resurrect an unlawful campaign from the dead by simply appearing at a @SCGOP hearing.— PhilBaileySC

The political director of South Carolina’s Senate Democratic Caucus labeled Nikki Haley the “Sikh Jesus” after she intervened to aid the Republican primary challenger of a Republican State Senator who called her a “raghead.”

Political Director Phil Bailey complained Wednesday night of the South Carolina Republican Party’s “unlawful ruling” to allow a Haley ally on the ballot against State Senator Jake Knotts, video of whose legendary 2010 rant was posted on BuzzFeed yesterday.

In two tweets, he referred to Haley — a convert to the Methodist faith whose parents were born in India — as the “Sikh Jesus.”

In Knotts’ rant, he warned heatedly of voters’ reaction on learning “that her daddy wears a turban around Lexington and her mommy has a ruby between her head and she is a Sheikh (sic) and trying to be a Methodist.”

In reaction to Bailey’s tweets, Haley spokesman Tim Pearson emailed, “Bigotry abounds.”

A South Carolina Democratic Party spokeswoman declined to comment on the jibe.

CORRECTION: Bailey is the political director of South Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus. An earlier version of this post identified Bailey as the executive director of the party.

Judging Dog is not pleased with @nikkihaley (aka Sikh Jesus) & @SCGOP’s unlawful ruling on @KatrinaShealy http://t.co/sI1adkWH— PhilBaileySC

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