L.A. Mayor To Blast Romney On Immigration

Villaraigosa is expected to call Romney’s views “beyond the pale.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with First Lady Michelle Obama earlier this month. Jae C. Hong / AP

An aide to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa sends over this early excerpt of a speech he is planning to give to the National Association of Latino Elected Officials in Washington, D.C. tomorrow:

For the first time in modern memory, a major political party is poised to nominate a presidential candidate who has abandoned immigration reform and instead advocates self-deportation.

We have a candidate who on Martin Luther King Day, a day celebrating racial reconciliation, had the architect of Arizona and Alabama’s draconian anti-immigration laws campaign for him.

This is beyond the pale.

And we are obligated to say so.

We must defend the tradition of sensible immigration reform…

A tradition that until recently was a bipartisan one that ran from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush.

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