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Florida, The Money Pit

The campaigns are poised to blow away past records of spending in the state.

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Florida is the first really expensive campaign state of 2012, and the first in which the campaigns will be conducted primarily through television advertisements.

Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks spending, says the three candidates on air in 2008 -- Giuliani, Romney, and McCain -- spent $10.64 million in the state.

This year's spending will blow that total out of the water.

A media-monitoring source tells BuzzFeed that Romney and his Super PAC have already spent more than $7 million in the state. The public workers union AFSCME has laid out another $800,000 to attack Romney (above).

There could be a dozen more entrants in the crowded market -- Gingrich, Santorum, SuperPACs and outsiders of various stripes and agendas.

This is going to get pricey.

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