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Democrats Make Case To Jews, Pro-Israel Voters In New Video

Called "The Facts," it pictures Obama in a helicopter with Ehud Barak, quotes Benjamin Netanyahu, and stresses the tough American position on Iran.

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A party official emails of the video:

For decades, Republicans and Democrats have worked together in support of Israel and its security but Republicans have turned that bipartisanship on its head and are now playing politics with the security of the state of Israel. Never have more Republicans been as nakedly political about the U.S.-Israeli relationship and not surprisingly they are deliberately lying about the President's record for nothing more than pure politics. It's not going to work. Facts are facts and the fact is President Obama and his administration have stood solidly with Israel and on behalf of its security including challenging the Palestinians effort to circumvent the peace process at the UN and by leading the world community in launching the toughest sanctions against Iran ever. Republicans playing politics with Israel's security is reprehensible and it's going to backfire.

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