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    Another Planned Parenthood Donor: Ann Romney

    The group is at the center of a controversy over a cancer organization's contributions.

    Planned Parenthood finds itself, as usual, at the center of the storm today, though it's really another organization's storm: The breast cancer group Susan G. Komen for the Cure reversed a decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood after a massive outcry.

    The big story here is Planned Parenthood's success at transforming abortion into a core element of the "women's health" agenda -- not a freestanding controversy.

    And Komen aren't the only ones who see things that way: A Democrat reminds us that Ann Romney gave $150 to Planned Parenthood back in 1994, before her husband's pro-life conversion.

    "The governor has not donated to Planned Parenthood or abortion-rights groups," then-spokesman Kevin Madden said at the time.