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What's Going On In The News Today?

Malaysian authorities are searching for more potential wreckage from missing flight MH370. Obama will unveil a new plan to combat climate change today. And we’ve got some summery recipes to start off your week.

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President Obama will unveil a plan today considered to be “the strongest action ever taken” in the U.S. to combat climate change.

The proposed regulations are focused on the country’s power plants, specifically coal-fired power plants, and builds on previous draft proposals from the Environmental Protection Agency. Coal-fired power plants are the country’s “single largest source of carbon pollution” and coal-burning produces “about 40% of the electricity used by Americans.”

The plan is “even stronger than earlier drafts and can be seen as an effort by Obama to stake out an uncompromising position on the issue during his final months in office,” the New York Times writes.

There are two big numbers:

  1. The first requires existing U.S. power plants to cut carbon dioxide emissions 32% from 2005 levels by 2030, up from 30% in the draft proposal.

  2. The second demands that 28% of a power plant’s generating capacity come from renewable sources such as wind and solar, up from 22% in the draft.

While each state has targets to reduce its carbon pollution, states can create and submit their own custom plans. Dozens of states, especially those that depend on coal mining like Wyoming and West Virginia, as well as major corporations, and industry groups are expected to file lawsuits to challenge the regulations.

And a little extra.

“The U.S. hopes that leading by example will put it in a stronger position to negotiate international reductions at the Paris climate conference in December and build on bilateral talks with China and Brazil,” The Guardian writes.


Malaysian authorities have appealed for help to widen the search area for MH370 and find further wreckage.

The country’s transport minister, Liow Tiong Lai, confirmed yesterday that a wing fragment found last week near Réunion island was part of a Boeing 777, increasing confidence that the wreckage is from Malaysia Airlines flight 370, as there are no other missing 777s.

However, the frenzy has led to residents analyzing everything that washes up on shore. “No one has ever heard of this place, and now the whole world knows Réunion,” an island resident told the New York Times. Yesterday, a piece of debris was found, but later turned out to be from a domestic ladder.

What’s next?

Investigators are expected to begin their inquiry into whether the wing piece came from flight MH370 on Wednesday, according to The Guardian. If the wing is confirmed to be from MH370, it would erase any lingering doubt that the airplane crashed. But questions about why it went sharply off its route and what led to the crash would remain.


Will the new science of premature babies change the abortion debate?

Today, the U.S. Senate will debate and vote on blocking Planned Parenthood from receiving some $528 million a year in federal funds, repeating a brawl from decades ago, BuzzFeed News’ Dan Vergano writes.

“But one thing has changed dramatically since 1985: our scientific understanding of early human development — from the incredible survival of premature infants to the promise of fetal cells to cure disease. As the abortion debate plays out this summer, these advancements in fetal science will be spun in very different ways by each side,” Vergano writes.


Despite conflicting reports, Cecil the lion’s “brother,” Jericho, is “alive and well.”

Following last month’s death of beloved Zimbabwean lion Cecil, fears emerged that Cecil’s brother, Jericho, was also shot and killed by a hunter on Saturday. But in an email to BuzzFeed News on Sunday, the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit at Oxford University said Jericho was “alive and well.”

“As you probably know, the natural law in lion society is that when a male dies and his weakened coalition is usurped, the new incoming males kill their predecessors’ cubs,” David Macdonald, project manager of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Unit wrote.

While Jericho is not Cecil’s biological brother, he’s taken over to be the father of some of the cubs. “We have no evidence of any new coalition threatening them so there is a good chance that all will be well,” Macdonald added.

Quick things to know:

  • California Gov. Jerry Brown called for a state of emergency as wildfires burned thousands of acres by Sunday and forced hundreds of evacuations. (BuzzFeed News)

  • A $58 million payment due Saturday by Puerto Rico remains unpaid. (Associated Press)

  • A police officer in Memphis, Tennessee, was shot dead on Saturday night while conducting a routine traffic stop. Police have identified a suspect, who remains at large. (BuzzFeed News)

  • Canada began its 78-day federal elections, the longest campaign since 1872. Canadians will vote on October 19. (BuzzFeed Canada)

  • Speaking of elections, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has reportedly begun to “actively explore a possible presidential campaign.” (New York Times)

  • On Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he and his wife are expecting their first child and opened up about their three miscarriages. (BuzzFeed)

  • Rumors are swirling about Truvada, the first drug approved to prevent HIV. Here’s what we actually know about the pill. (BuzzFeed News)

  • Ronda Rousey defended her UFC title by ending her fight against Bethe Correia in 34 seconds. (BuzzFeed)

  • Should Cosmopolitan be covered up on newsstands? Rite Aid and some U.S. retailers will start selling the magazine behind blinders. (Refinery 29)

  • The long-awaited sequel to 2001’s Zoolander isn’t due in theaters until next year, but the first teaser trailer has arrived, and it is really, really good looking. (BuzzFeed)

Happy Monday

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