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How Not To Harass

This is a guide on how not to harass women. 10 things that will make not being a menace to society a breeze. These exam ples are simple, easy and guaranteed to make you a decent human being.

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1. Don't Catcall

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This is quite simple. No girl is going to look back at you and realize that they made the biggest mistake by walking by you and not leaping into your arms right away. This only makes you less desirable and a nuisance.

2. If you are driving, don’t slow down and stare.

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This also means don’t honk as you drive by. She doesn’t want to feel like a spectacle. Anyway, your eyes should be on the road, trying not to kill anyone.

3. 1.Don’t make her feel uncomfortable


This is a big one. This includes, but is not limited to, prolonged staring, unwarranted touching, weird phrases and awkward encounters. Don’t put your hand on her leg, or her shoulder. This is the universal creepy guy touch.

4. Do not make weird comments about her appearance


This is guaranteed to make her think you aren’t boyfriend material. If you think you are important enough to judge her on her body, she knows you aren’t.

5. Don’t continue to ask her out if she says no the first time

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Take a hint. She doesn’t want to go out with you. This is not some fairytale where she will realize that she made some huge mistake and that you are her frog prince.

6. Don’t expect that because a girl is nice to you, that you deserve sex


First, you don’t deserve anything. You should be nice all the time and not expect something in return. Second, you are a major douche if you think pressuring a girl into having sex is an acceptable way to approach sex.

7. Don't make her feel bad about saying no to sex

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She is not required to have sex with anyone. Period. And she is definitely not required to have sex because you think you deserve something. Get over yourself.

8. Don’t send explicit pictures and then get angry if she doesn’t respond

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a.First of all, ew. No one wants to see a picture of your penis, especially someone who hasn’t shown any interest in you. It is gross and odds are, you aren’t as special as you think you are.

9. Don't use your buddies to get her alone

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This has two different scenarios. First, having your buddies distract her friends so she is alone and defenseless to you trying to charm her. The other is by having your friends physically detain her. Either way, this one is a huge no-no.

10. Don’t force yourself on her

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If you are at a party, don’t get into her personal space and think that, because you are so close, she is magically going to want to have sex with you. You should not act like the human equivalent of a gnat.

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