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3 Ways To End Mental Health Stigma

1 in 4 will have a mental health problem this year, but many will feel ashamed and isolated as a result of this. You do not have to feel this way. Simply talking about your feelings to others, and offering a listening ear is all it takes.

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2. Wear it on your chest

Fandabby Apparel / Via

Fandabby is a unique Fashion line features with eye-catching bold messages. Fandabby aims to change the way we talk about mental health. More than a clothing line, Fandabby is a movement which is breaking down the stigma of mental health and encouraging those who suffer with mental health illness to speak out. Buy this t-shirt here

3. Supporting Friends


Treat people are going through a rough time with respect. Think about how you’d like others to act toward you if you were in the same situation. Support their choices and encourage their efforts to get well. If things get difficult to reach out for professional support, or encourage them to open up.

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