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Since its launch in 1999, the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC) has worked with various tourism partners and colleagues worldwide to develop and deliver exciting marketing programs to increase tourist visitation and spending in Ontario.

In June 2015, OTMPC aimed to extend its “Best of Ontario” campaign to New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan to generate buzz around unique travel experiences in Ontario that consumers might not have previously associated with the province.

"Our partnership with BuzzFeed confirmed our expectations – that quality content, delivered to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channel, and in a manner in which the audience can see itself or relate to, will elicit a passionate response and build brand advocacy." - Nick Pedota, Marketing Manager, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation

OTMPC partnered with BuzzFeed to create 4 branded posts. The 13 Breathtaking Beaches You Wouldn’t Believe Are In Ontario and 11 Ontario Experiences That Are A Thrill-Seekers Dream custom posts were geo-targeted to the local Canadian audience and uncovered hidden gems to make readers fall in love with Ontario all over again.

The remaining posts, 11 Music Festivals That Prove Ontario Knows How To Turn Up and 10 places in Ontario That The Locals Are Too Humble To Brag About, were geo-targeted to the United States and focused on driving awareness and excitement for Ontario’s already well-known events and attractions, positioning the province as a trip-worthy destination.

OTMPC Branded Content Garnered More Earned Than Paid Views!

The branded posts garnered a total of 310K total views! Of those views, 172K were earned vs. 136K paid, which resulted in a 2.3X Social Lift–91% above the BuzzFeed goal! In the BuzzFeed world, Social Lift means that for every 10 paid views, an additional view was earned via social sharing. In this case, for every 10 paid views, OTMPC received an additional 13 free views.

And Reached An Engaged Audience.

With over 49K total social engagements (post comments, FB Likes, FB Comments, Tweets) and 18K link click-outs, it was apparent that the content resonated with readers.

High Engagement Extended Content Reach.

By creating relevant content and distributing it to a clearly-defined audience, OTMPC drove social conversations and amplified its content reach. While tapping the local Canadian audience, the content also evoked nostalgia and national pride–creating an emotional connection with readers. Canadians frequently responded by tagging friends and family to either share fun-filled memories associated with the attractions highlighted or by serving-up insider tips and recommendations for those that plan to visit.

Users responded to the United States geo-targeted posts a bit differently. Users in the United States were often surprised yet excited by all that Ontario had to offer and often shared the branded posts with friends and family in hopes of convincing them to make Ontario their next travel destination.

By partnering with BuzzFeed for the “Best Of Ontario” campaign, OTMPC delivered relevant content that resonated with its target audience. Although this was a highly geo-targeted campaign, high engagement spread the branded content beyond its intended audience–amplifying the content reach. Furthermore, the content resulted in over 309.6K views, 49K total social interactions (comments, shares, and tweets), and 18K link click-outs proving how engaged readers were and positioning Ontario as a preferred global destination!

"What I enjoyed most about working with the BuzzFeed team was its commitment to understanding what we were hoping to achieve through our partnership and doing whatever it took to ensure we were satisfied with the output." - Nick Pedota, Marketing Manager, Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation