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20 Things That Happened To BuzzFeed in 2016

ICYMI: Another freaking year at BuzzFeed

TASTY blew the fudge up!!!

Launched a little DIY channel called Nifty

Blew up a watermelon with rubber bands on Facebook Live and everyone lost their damn minds

Struck a movie deal with Warner Brothers to turn Brother Orange into a movie!

Started a cool things division aka BuzzFeed Product Labs

Linked up with Olympians to do tings

Collabed with our friends at Mondelez to make our health and wellness channel Goodful, come to life

Started a Podcast called "See Something, Say Something"

Discovered a softcore porn tape that Donald Trump appeared in

We had to movie offices AGAIN in New York, LA

Threw our first L'Art Show

Learned that people really enjoy our long form series

Had some really cool people visit us

BuzzFeed News broke some crazy ass stories all over the world

Partnered with Twitter to livestream election night coverage

BuzzFeed News registered over 15K people to vote

One of our most shared snaps was this twerking banana

Boners and penises were hot this summer (based on actual data)

Started a development partners program

And had over 800. Billion. Content. Views. this year

Here are some of the best BuzzFeed Video moments from 2016

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Onward to 2017