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Bud Light is the fastest growing beer in Canada, a market where consumers are constantly looking for new flavours to try. Enter the newest brand in the Bud Light family, Bud Light Radler, which provides the refreshing combination of real fruit juice and beer. Bud Light set out to provide greater choice for adult consumers and needed an engaging way to make them aware of this new product that made its global debut in Canada.


Drive awareness and intent to purchase Bud Light Radler.


With summertime comes increased demand among consumers for refreshing, fruit-forward drinks. The launch of Bud Light Radler provided an opportunity for the brand to tap into new occasions, like brunch, that are already relevant to consumers and deliver a refreshing taste that they can enjoy in the summer. That’s why Bud Light Radler is the perfect complement to brunch, enhancing this well-loved meal and taking it to a whole new level of enjoyment.

We created original branded content to reach adults and drive awareness of Bud Light Radler as a great recipe inclusion and pairing for your favorite brunch meals.


The strategic insight took form in two Tasty Video recipes. The recipes featured Bud Light Radler as a delicious ingredient in the engaging brunch recipe content, which focused on comfort foods which our viewers love, in addition to showcasing the beverage as a pairing that goes with brunch.

Recipe 1: Beer Bread French Toast featuring Bud Light Radler

Facebook: video.php

This beer bread french toast is a new take on a familiar brunch recipe that begs even the most inexperienced in the kitchen to try cooking with Bud Light Radler, while also appealing to more seasoned chefs seeking new and unique ingredients. The finished meal is served alongside a refreshing Bud Light Radler.

Recipe 2: Radler Chicken & Waffles featuring Bud Light Radler

Facebook: video.php

This classic comfort food just got a makeover with Bud Light Radler incorporated as a key ingredient throughout the dish, and featured as a pairing with the finished product to wash down the meal.


We have a blended methodology of reaching a brand’s audiences through loyal fans and the Facebook audience where we optimize videos towards the most shares, gaining the highest potential “qualified reach” for your brand’s content.

Targeting our receptive Tasty audience, in conjunction with recipe ingredient interests and audiences that engaged with previous Bud Light Radler videos, was successful in driving engagement for the program. The content, which aligned thematically with Bud Light’s brunch tentpole, exceeded completion rate benchmarks and also earned added value views which provided additional scale.


We also conducted a Facebook Brand Lift study to measure the attitudinal impact of the Tasty videos. Impressively, the results show that we were able to significantly increase all brand impact measures including recall of the content (+15% points), awareness of Bud Light Radler (+6% points), and intent to purchase Bud Light Radler (+4% points).

These results are particularly notable in comparison to Facebook Brand Lift benchmarks for North America, with Bud Light Radler results exceeding the Ad Recall norm by 2x and the Intent norm by 3x.


Bud Light’s success in Canada helped pave the way for its newest product, Bud Light Radler, which delivers the refreshment Bud Light drinkers know and love with the new flavour they crave through the addition of real grapefruit juice. Alignment of Bud Light’s first foray into the radler market with the tried and true Tasty video format, was successfully able to drive awareness and create purchase interest for this exciting new product among Canadian consumers.

"BuzzFeed’s Tasty was the perfect partner for us to introduce Bud Light Radler to Canadians from coast to coast. Their ability to create mouth-watering content that showcased our new brand in such an integrated way allowed us to connect with our consumers authentically. Throughout the planning and execution process the team at Tasty was collaborative, creative and truly understood our objectives. Can’t wait to partner with them again and make Canada drool over the next brunch recipe and Bud Light Radler!"

- Nick Skotidas, Brand Manager, Bud Light Canada