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With so many options to choose from in the credit card market, it can be difficult for consumers to make the right choice. American Express Canada wanted to bring awareness to young professionals about the unique benefits of the new Cobalt Card, which fits seamlessly into their current lifestyle and rewards them for the life they’re already living.

The Cobalt Card is uniquely designed with the social lifestyle of young professionals in mind - a generation whose spending habits reveal a passion for food, travel and entertainment.


Drive awareness and interest for the new American Express Cobalt Card.


Many young professionals lead busy lifestyles where they are always on the go. They work hard and play hard, and having reached a point in their careers where they have a disposable income, they want a credit card that maximizes rewards based on their spending habits.

Cobalt rewards Cardmembers for the purchases they're already making, and dials up the rewards earning power along with the ease of redeeming those points. Cardmembers can earn 5x the points on eligible eats and drinks which includes everything from coffee shops, grocery stores, fast food chains, take-out, cafes, bars, pubs, casual and upscale restaurants. Similarly, the 2x accelerator covers all things on eligible travel and transit including a subway ride, train journey, hailing a cab, staying at a hotel or a short-term rental, and booking a flight or an all-inclusive vacation, all of which fits seamlessly with millennials' spending habits.

That's why the American Express Cobalt Card is the perfect reward credit card for money well spent. Since you earn bonus points on food, drinks, and travel it's the smart choice for the consumer who values experiences over things.

We created a 2-part campaign with original branded content to showcase how the American Express Cobalt Card rewards their sense of adventure, when dining in and dining out.


The strategic insight took form in a Bring Me Travel Video and a Tasty Video Recipe. Our viewers are itching to explore and travel, and the campaign revealed a variety of cultural experiences you can get by dining out in a city like Toronto, and a tempting recipe to inspire a trip to the grocery store.

Tasty Recipe: Taco Chicken Fries

Facebook: video.php

Even the busiest young professionals will find time to head to the grocery store to whip up these savory taco chicken fries, treating themselves to 5x the points when grabbing the ingredients with their American Express Cobalt Card.

Bring Me: Kamayan Feast

Facebook: video.php

This must-try spot for the foodies out there will not only get them a $15 feast, but will earn them 5x the points on their next food-filled adventure with the American Express Cobalt Card.


We have a blended methodology of reaching a brand’s audiences through loyal fans and the Facebook audience where we optimize videos towards the most shares, gaining the highest potential “qualified reach” for your brand’s content.

Targeting our receptive BuzzFeed audiences, in conjunction with food interests, and making in-flight optimizations was successful in driving engagement with higher than average view-through rates for both videos. Client asset seeding against the BuzzFeed Facebook audience also drove incremental awareness of the Cobalt Card and the bonus offer, leading to additional clicks. The total program delivered over $180k in added value, a 70% over-delivery against video views, which resulted in an eCPV of $0.06 - 41% more efficient than planned!


We also conducted a forced exposure study to measure the attitudinal impact of the Bring Me video. Impressively, the results show that we were able to significantly increase awareness of the Cobalt Card (+7% points), and significantly increase interest in the card (+11% points).

Positive creative response to the Bring Me video as branded content for American Express was strong, with the majority in agreement that the brand fit well into the video and that they were informed of the benefit of the card from watching the video.


American Express is a trusted and reliable brand among well-established professionals. Highlighting the benefits of the new Cobalt Card and ease of which it fits into the active, young professional’s daily life drove engagement, awareness, and interest in the card among this demographic. Aligning American Express with both the tried and true Tasty video format in addition to the aspirational Bring Me video was a success, strengthening the relationship between the brand and these younger, active consumers.

"We know this audience is highly engaged on social, so we wanted to create a multi-channel marketing experience that would speak to them on the channels they love.” David Barnes, Vice President of Advertising and Communications, American Express Canada. "This new product really brings forward the passions of food, travel and entertainment, and Buzzfeed was the perfect platform to partner with. They enabled us to reach our core demographic and showcase Card benefits in a way that felt truly authentic."