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28 Major Things That Happened To BuzzFeed In 2015

2015, what's good?

2015 was a major year for BuzzFeed. 🔑🙏

Anthony Duong, Marketing Designer

1. Remember "The Dress?"

David Bertozzi, Photo Editor

Cates Holderness, Community Growth Manager (now BuzzFeed's BFF Editor), divided the nation in two, Team Blue/Black and Team White/Gold, with What Colors Are This Dress?

2. Two BuzzFeed employees said "I Do!" to each other!

Alice Mongkongllite, Graphic Designer

Two BuzzFeed employees got engaged at LA's BuzzFeed Motion Pictures (and are expecting!). #RelationshipGoals <3

4. Snuck into your apps like...

Shaun Pendergast, Brand Designer & Illustrator

Launched Cute Or Not (available via iOS), BF News (available via Android + iOS), QuizChat (available via Android + iOS)

5. Hit 1,235+ employees! YAAAAAAS.

Liz Kim, Marketing Associate & Anthony Duong, Marketing Designer

BuzzFeed hired 595 talented souls this year. (Btw, we're still hiring.)

6. Hosted 34 Music Breaks

Dan Blaushild, Junior Art Designer

BuzzFeed Events hosted a total of 34 Music Breaks, an in-office series for BuzzFeeders. Notable performances included: Little Mix, Everclear, Jamie Lawson with Ed Sheeran, and one time our girl Erykah Badu kept us waiting 2 hours... but we weren't even mad.

7. CEO Jonah rolled out the new Distributed Model

Tyler Naugle, Creative Animator

Like "OMW to become a more cross-platform, global network!"

(Fun fact: BuzzFeed now receives 5B+ monthly content views!)

8. Lit up social with distributed content

Ellie Sunakawa, Graphic Designer & Jen Lewis, Senior Web Artist

Editorial Director, Summer Anne Burton, and her team of experimental, cool internet kids got lit with all-new original stuff for social sites and apps.

9. Took Snapchat to the next level with BuzzFeed's Discover channel

Katrin Davis, Illustrator & Designer

All about those partnerships.

10. Got mad loud on podcasts

Rebecca Hendin, Illustrator & Designer

We gave some of your favorite personalities, BuzzFeed and beyond, a microphone and told them to be free and speak. And these happened: Internet Explorer, Another Round, Women Of The Hour, Rerun

12. Launched an Open Lab in our San Francisco bureau!

13. Employees drank A LOT of seltzers and coffee

Will Herring, Creative Director

73,272 seltzers and 1,716 lbs coffee to be exact (and this is just our New York office).

14. BuzzFeed Food and Tasty taught millions of users how to cook like a boss

Tyler Naugle, Creative Animator

People love tasty (18M+) food (13M+).

15. Published an Editorial Ethics Standards And Ethics Guide and the Annual Employee Diversity Report to stay honest and transparent with our employees as well as our audience

Abbey Lossing, Junior Art Director

Found out we are less white and more female than we were this time last year. Cool.

16. The Obama #selfie

Andrew Gauthier, BuzzFeed Motion Pictures

After we interviewed him! Thanks Obama.

Other notable interviews included: David Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Tim Cook, Dick Costolo, Caitlyn Jenner, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Julie Bishop (+emojis)!

17. NBCU invested $200M+ and said "you do you, BuzzFeed."

Victoria Reyes, Designer

Yeah, basically.

18. BuzzFeed's Matt Stopera lost his phone in NY, then suddenly found himself in China becoming bros with Brother Orange


Jon Premosch, Photo Editor

BuzzFeed celebrated the Supreme Court’s ruling for Nationwide Marriage Equality the only way we know how – great reporting, Vines and swag, parties, floats and marching all around the world!

20. Got real GLOBAL

Kirby Darland, Junior Designer

Now in the Spain, Japan, Minneapolis, Mexico, and Canada near you!

45% of our traffic is international!

21. Introduced POUND to the world.

Danielle Ceneta, Designer

aka Process for Optimizing and Understanding Network Diffusion aka measurable word-of-mouth marketing aka mind blown.

22. Fought, kissed and made up with SXSW

Anthony Duong, Marketing Designer

BuzzFeed's executives wrote a letter to SXSW when they announced the cancellation of two panels related to gaming and online harassment due to threats of “on-site violence.” SXSW said sorry and made up for it, and we all moved on with life.

23. BuzzFeed's Tech Team ditched their normal work for a week, and got to invent new stuff for BuzzFeed Hack Week instead

Peter Karp, Software Engineer

< $ > Stacks on stacks. < /$ >

24. Went IN on Donald Trump coverage

Coverage this year included his flip-flops — most notably on immigration — on the talk radio forces sticking with him, the racists who love him, the damage he’s doing to the Republican attempt to woo Latinos, the ugly scene at his rallies, the backlash against his anti-Muslim campaign, how he is the true hero of Chanterculture, and Trump throwing a fit about this definitive BuzzFeed News profile in 2014.

25. Received 141MM+ total views on branded content (posts*)

Facebook: video.php

and 250MM+ views on co-branded Facebook (video*) content!

26. Dedicated an entire week to Mental Health.

Jenny Chang, Illustrator & Designer

27. Investigative reporting got INTENSE in the U.S.

... the U.K.

Rossalyn Warren, Senior Reporter

The BuzzFeed News investigation of the British charity Kids Company was the first of three major investigations by BuzzFeed UK in 2015: Our reporters also exposed the "deeply suspicious" financial practices of a top Tory donor, and revealed chaos at the country's National Crime Agency.

... and abroad

Facebook: video.php / Via Ayman Oghanna, Photojournalist

Our correspondents covered conflict on the ground in Syria, South Sudan, and Iraq and across the border in Turkey, and exposed civilian casualties, antiquities smuggling, and the U.S. efforts to use a "mobbed up" Bulgarian arms dealer to supply rebels.

28. Made you laugh, cry, laugh-cry, and changed some lives. At the end of the day, it's about impact IRL.

View this video on YouTube

So thank you, and bless up.