What Will This Story Do To Your Face?

BuzzFeed’s new reaction feature lets you react to stories with your face.

1. You can now use your webcam to react to BuzzFeed stories with an animated GIF of your face. The world is full of opportunities for your face to practice.

2. Your face may react in sheer horror, like this.

3. After seeing something like this.

4. Or maybe your face says “no way.”

5. When people who are so obviously a couple keep trying to persuade you that they’re not, even though everyone in the cereal aisle totally knows they are.

Jeff Greenspan

6. Or maybe you have a reaction of overflowing joy.

7. When someone brings awesomeness to your subway ride.

Artist Nick Hugh / Via instagram.com

8. Use your webcam to make whatever reaction you want to a BuzzFeed story. It’ll look something like this.

9. And here’s how you do it.

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