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    Our New Ghost Detector Will Identify The Spirits Around You And Give You Their Face, Name, And Message

    Everyone has a unique ghost or spirit that haunts them. Using our AR Paranormal Detection Technology, you can finally meet the spirits around you...if you're ready.

    Many of us have inexplicable experiences, like seeing shadows out of the corner of our eye or sensing a menacing spirit in an old building or attic.

    We know something is there, but who are they? What is it? Back in the olden days, we'd have to bust out the Ouija board but alas, you can now use BuzzFeed's new Ghost Detector and skip all that hooha.

    Perhaps they're a long-lost uncle, or an errant soul roaming the grounds of your property in search of an answer, justice, or maybe just someone to talk to....

    Creepy ghostly image

    All you have to do is answer a few simple questions in our quiz, and BuzzFeed Lab's new Paranormal Detection Technology™ will detect the energy and field fluctuations to identify the real-life spirits that haunt you.

    Once we’ve identified your ghost, you can summon them into your room using AR — and be sure to turn the sound on so you can hear what they have to say.

    Not only will you find out how they died, but you'll get a personalized message meant just for you. And if you're feeling really fearless, you can use our AR feature to see what they look like, sound like, and where in your room they're hanging out...all through the camera on your phone.

    Ready to take the quiz? Enter here.