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Posted on Dec 27, 2012

29 Things We Found Out About Tech In 2012

It was a weird year.

1. This is the worst job at Google.

2. If a nightmare can kill you.

Illustration by Adam Setala for BuzzFeed.

3. What it's like to ride the Google bus.

4. The tech boom hasn't led to a sex boom in Silicon Valley.

Illustration by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed.

5. What IS a tech bubble anyway?

6. Facebook memes have a dark side.

7. Facebook's "frictionless" sharing sort of collapsed.

8. Twitter is a truth machine.

9. Twitter changed under our feet...

10. ...and it might ruin the funniest site on the internet

11. Google had (arguably) the best social network on the web and killed it.

12. Why we like Instagram.

13. Why we hate Instagram.

14. LinkedIn is the most depressing place on the web.

15. Reddit's founder is running for president of the Internet.

16. Launching a startup is HARD, even with VC money.

17. We talk funny now.

18. Live sex is saving the porn industry.

Illustration by Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed.

19. Tech sounds beautiful when you slooooooow it doooooown.

20. How to look at porn (and not leave a sticky trail behind).

21. Jay-Z is a great listener.


22. How Pong blew up gaming.

23. Brands die; tattoos don't.

Photo by Stephen Nigl.

24. Why Microsoft's tablet can't fail (oops).

25. This guy was a jerk.

26. Pickup artists... Ew.

27. Wikipedia is filled with weirdos.

28. Nothing gets better, ever.

29. Nothing matters. Nope, nothing.

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