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15 GIFs Of Sports Illustrated Model Kate Bock

Snaps, kisses, hair flips, jazzy dancing, and more.

Meet Kate Bock!

You might know her best as a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Here, she talks about her other experiences posing with cats.

And now, reaction gifs!

1. Snaps, just because.

2. Model mania.

3. A hair flip with gusto.

4. Air kisses from a swimsuit model, haaay.

5. More kisses.

6. Stressed model alert.

7. "She said what?"

8. "Oh no she didn't."

9. Obligatory eye roll.

10. Obligatory pout (to follow eye roll).

11. If it ain't cute, keep it on mute.

12. Deuces!

13. Guys, Kate Bock just totally winked at us.

14. "..."

15. In conclusion, we said something shocking. (Not really.)

GIFs and Video by James Ari.