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    Women Who Code NYC - Finding Your Voice And Bringing Ideas To Life - September 9, 2014, New York, NY

    Speaker: Jane Kelly, ‎Data Science Lead, BuzzFeed, September 9, 2014, 6:30PM, Condé Nast, 222 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY

    Taking the right idea to market—at the right time and for the right audience—takes intuition, determination, courage and focus.

    Opportunity is all around us; intuition allows us to draw quick and perceptive insights to tap into consumers' emotional desire for products and services they want and ultimately, value.

    Taking a new product to market isn't an easy road, and having stamina to push through critical times can pay off in the long run. Determination is the biggest predictor of long-term success.

    Making deliberate (often quick, sometimes unpleasant) decisions requires courage to act in spite of criticism, resourcing, timing and a host of other environmental factors.

    It's easy to do too much—maintaining a clear vision of what your product is and whom it's for requires discipline to stay on track and focus on the efforts that matter.

    Let's examine these four attributes and discuss the stories that allowed our panelists to sharpen and strengthen these characteristics to allow them success in their respective fields.