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    SXSW - "Data, Storytelling And Breaking Through The Noise" - Austin, TX - March 10, 2013

    panelist: Jon Steinberg, President and COO, BuzzFeed 9:30 am- 10:30 am Wanderlust 206 E. 4th Street

    #sxsw #BrandStory

    Every minute, three days worth of content is uploaded to YouTube. Every four seconds, a New York Times story is tweeted or shared. With information overload, how does your brand break through the noise? How do you earn trust in a fragmented 24/7 media world? Storytelling can reset legacy brands, launch unknown brands and reach consumers in ways that go beyond the noise. Unfortunately, most brands will suck at storytelling because they won't do what good storytelling requires. Stories have conflict and villains, winners and losers. They have personality and flaws, great highs and severe lows. And today, stories are supported and in some cases driven by data. Whether your brand is B2C or B2B, data can help shape the story you want to tell.

    Our panel will explore how data driven stories can have significant impact for connecting with the audiences you want to reach. You will learn how to ensure that your stories resonate beyond the marketing team and engage people on an emotional level.

    Presenters: Ashley Brown, Dir. Digital Comm/Social Media, The Coca-Cola Company

    Dustee Jenins, Target

    Gary Goldhammer, Senior Vice Preisdent, H+K Strategies

    Jon Steinberg, President and COO, BuzzFeed