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Social Media Week- "Publishers As Technologists" - New York - February 8, 2011

Hosted at the Business, Media & Communications Hub at JWT Social Media Week NY (February 8, 2011)

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In the past, media companies were just purveyors of content: they published and the audience showed up. Now, with more content competing for consumer attention, every online publisher has to also be a technologist to some extent. From the actual site design and user experience, to what stories should be published and when, to recommended articles, emerging technology is playing a huge role in every aspect of the process. Panelists explore the future of UX, design and editorial, as well as assess and troubleshoot current challenges for content companies on the Web.

Moderator: Caroline McCarthy – CBS


Adam Ostrow – Editor-in-Chief, Mashable

Rob Harles – Head of Social, Bloomberg

Jon Steinberg – President, Buzzfeed

Keith Butters – Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, The Barbarian Group

Paul Berry – CTO of Huffington Post