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MediaMashup 2014 - Next-Gen Social: A Game-Plan For Engagement And Virality - New York, NY, April 3, 2014,

Speaker: David Spiegel, VP of Sales, BuzzFeed, April 3, 10:45AM, Grand Hyatt, New York, New York

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Welcome to MediaMashup 2014, the only event that examines the issues, skillsets and strategies germane to both traditional publishers and digital pureplays—and the ways one can learn from the other.

In the 12 months since the first MediaMashup conference, innovation has flourished in a hothouse environment. In some cases, what was conventional go-to-market wisdom in 2013 isn't anymore. Programmatic advertising is booming, mobile strategies continue to morph and video, social media, native advertising and data are evolving in ways that offer new opportunities even as they force continued scrutiny over established business models.

In this context we present the new MediaMashup. More than ever, the established media companies and the digital-media players have perspectives on the same sets of challenges, but different approaches to innovation.

MediaMashup is where both sides put their ideas on display—for the benefit of the entire market.