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Massive: The Advertising And Marketing Summit - The Art And Science Of The Entertainment Launch - Beverly Hills, CA, April 3, 2014

Speaker: Terry City, Vice President, West Coast, BuzzFeed, April 3, 2014, 2:40PM - 3:20PM, Four Seasons Doheny, Beverly Hills, California

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Top advertising and marketing chiefs across TV, film, digital media and consumer brands all in one spot! Find out how they are breaking through to audiences, clients and customers across multiplying media platforms.

Advertisers and marketers are now flooded with data on consumer behavior – as we are more trackable than ever with our online/mobile activity. But even as we get a grip on where people are – what pushes people to watch a new film or TV show? Should you surprise like Beyonce? Should you be everywhere like Ron Burgundy? As platforms, networks, online destinations continue to explode, what are the best types of ads – branded, native, sponsored posts/tweets, straight TV spots, billboards, or something else – that break through? Can plastering paid messages work as well as triggering a viral train of positive buzz and word-of-mouth? Top entertainment marketers, research execs and their platform and technology partners will analyze how they are launching content.

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