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Digital Hollywood - Media Summit - New York - March 7, 2012

Speaker: Jon Steinberg, President, BuzzFeed Magazines, TV, Newspapers & Books – Developing a SuperApp Experiential Platform McGraw-Hill Building, 49th Street and 6th Ave., New York City Wednesday, March 7th The Workshops Media in Transition Workshops 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM Session B:

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Blogs, social networks, and online video have been in the ascendancy for the media industry for many years now – but with the recent turmoil with brick-and-mortar bookstores and the rapid adoption of Kindles, tablets, apps and the mobile web, we could very well finally be in the “convergence” moment that many people in digital media have discussed for years. The revolution in business models and digital distribution that disrupted the music industry is now turning publishing on its head, and TV and film aren’t far behind. Beyond that, the world of tablets invites publishers to become interactive producers, TV execs to become print authors, and digital developers to build new business models around authors, publishers, and media. Our panel features leaders in all forms of media – from publishing to television - exploring this new world of digital "convergence." Our panel will discuss their opinions on where the present round of convergence is leading, whether the app-based Tablet world introduces a new opportunity for monetizing content beyond ad-based revenue, and what new forms of interactive media we can expect for an app-based mobile audience.

Jim Schachter, Associate Managing Editor, The New York Times

Matt de Ganon, VP Mobile Product and Operations, Gannett Digital Network

Lee Huang, Product Director, Barnes & Noble Digital Newstand

Jon Steinberg, President, BuzzFeed

Nick Ascheim, Senior Vice President, Digital Media, BBC America,

David Steinberger, co-founder and CEO, comiXology

Scott Kessler, Senior Internet Equity Analyst, S&P Capital IQ, Moderator

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