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    Columbia School Of Journalism - Social Media Weekend - "Social Media And The Bottom Line" - New York - February 17, 2013

    Panelist: Jonathan Perelman, Vice President of Agency Strategy and Development, BuzzFeed 10:00 - 11:15 am EST Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism 116th Street and Broadway New York, NY

    How, whether and why the cost, time and effort of social media are (or aren't) justified.

    Let's get down to the business of social media. Is it worth it in a news organization? Our moderator and panelists, from groundbreaking media organizations including NowThisNews, BuzzFeed and Quartz, reveal how they justify the cost in time, effort and, yes, money, and the ways social media is crucial to their businesses. As something of a real-world follow-up to last year's "ROI of Social Media," we'll take a clear-headed, hype-free look at:

    The cost / benefit analysis: How can you measure it?

    The business imperatives: How and when social helps the business succeed

    Who should contribute, how, and how much?

    How to hire. (And by extension how to get hired, and succeed)

    Ownership and control: policies and where to draw lines

    How and whether to delineate personal from professional

    Plus, come with your questions. We expect a spirited discussion.


    Dorian Benkoil (@DBenk) is co-founder and principal at Teeming Media, a digital media management consultancy and entrepreneurship focused on helping companies and individuals use digital, social and mobile media technologies to meet their business objectives. He has devised business models, methodologies and training programs for multiple established and startup organizations, including leading media organizations, technology companies, blog networks and consumer marketers. An MBA (with honors), Fulbright Fellow and award-winning journalist, Dorian teaches Digital Media Management at the Zicklin School of Business, and writes and speaks in numerous high-profile venues. He was founding international, then managing producer at, and a reporter, editor and foreign correspondent for Newsweek and The Associated Press and editorial director at