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AdAge Digital Conference - New York - April 17, 2012

Speaker: Jonah Peretti, CEO and co-Founder of BuzzFeed 11:25 am Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W. 18th Street

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The Second Wave of Social Disruption

We are in the midst of a huge shift in the media industry. First, the rise of search disrupted the web portals and now search is being disrupted by social media. In this keynote presentation, Jonah Peretti, BuzzFeed Founder and CEO will explain how you can benefit from this second wave of disruption. The talk will explain how the Google worldview is being eclipsed by the Facebook worldview and, more importantly, how you can make media that spreads across the social web. In particular, he will cover the dynamics and psychology of content sharing and dig into the types of content that inspire the most sharing. The biggest opportunities often emerge during periods of the greatest change, and now is the perfect time to reorient your business for a social world.