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Slay Thee With Thou Finest Memes Jester

Scroll, laugh, and claim "I'm dead!"

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It's been a weaaaaaak week for the memes my friends, but you already knew this. I took a bit of hiatus from social platforms for a while, but this week I rekindled my passion for social media and was reminded why these platforms stand as such a staple to myself and society en masse. For a few hours I perused Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, and the things people come up with, MANNNNNNNNN *Chris Tucker Voice* I got Pursed, Lips, Me, Myself, Memes, Vids. YOU NAME IT!

And that's a wrap folks! Who knows how long these will carry on for [Memes die pretty fast] but I'm loving every bit of this and you are too. Sit back, scroll, and claim "I'm dead!"

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