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Kenley Bradstreet, Sales Director, West Coast

Kenley started on December 12, 2011

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Role At BuzzFeed: Sales Director

Where are you from and where do you currently live? I'm from Boston, or thereabouts, and I currently reside in the Lower East Side.

In a few sentences please talk about your past work experience. I spent an internet lifetime (6.5 years) at CNET (cbsi) where I learned how to sell not just banners, but integrated and custom solutions, and gained some nerd credibility after marinating so long in the world of technologies.

In a sentence or two please share an interesting fact, funny story or something you’d like the office to know about you. Recently, I had an encounter with a punk-type transient chick (you know the kids who travel in packs of 2-5 and always have a dog or two, leather studded necklaces and the like?). I was walking down E 10th st and as I went to pass her, she intentionally vomited a neon pink mixture directly at me. Luckily, she missed. So that was a pretty good day. I <3 NY

Which is better, dogs or cats? Dogs

What's your favorite website other than BuzzFeed? eater

Email me! Follow me! Call me!

e: kenley@buzzfeed.com

c: 508-344-3460

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