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    Updated on Feb 3, 2019. Posted on Apr 19, 2013

    21 Life-Changing Ways To Use Everyday Objects As Bongs

    Sometimes you need to get resourceful.

    1. Pringles Can

    2. Fruit Salad Discards

    3. Baby Bottle

    4. Honey Bear

    5. Water Bottles

    6. Tide Pods

    7. Prescription Bottle

    8. Carrot + Farkel

    9. Ice

    10. Golf Ball

    11. Super Soaker

    12. Tic Tac Container

    13. A Mannequin

    Not an everyday object, but maybe you own a retail store.

    14. Aluminum Coke Bottles

    15. Hot Wheels

    16. Skull

    In case you drink a lot of Crystal Head vodka.

    17. LEGOs

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    18. Hello Kitty

    19. Now for some creative pipes...

    You can eat it afterwards!

    20. Nuts and Bolts

    21. Nintendo Controller

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