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2 Insanely Easy Kids' Toys You Can Make Yourself

Sometimes a simple, inexpensive toy can keep 'em occupied for way longer than anything from Toys R Us.

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Kersey of Ardor Blog shows us how to make these adorably charming toys that she created for her son. First up, she made giant dice out of wooden blocks.

Step 1: Once the primer is dry, start painting!

I went with three colors, but you can do however many you would like! Since the blocks have straight edges, it’s pretty easy to keep the colors on the side of the block you want. But if you want them to be perfect, you could also tape off the sides you aren’t currently painting.


Step 3: Next, grab your pencil and paint to turn these blocks into dice!

Use the eraser of the pencil as stamp. Handy, right? Just dip the eraser into the paint lid to ensure you don’t get too much paint, and start stamping the numbers! Super easy, right?


Step 2: Cut out your mountains and punch the holes toward the bottom of each mountain.

These will be the finger holes, so you may want to use your own fingers or the fingers of your kiddo to measure how far apart the holes should be.