2 Insanely Easy Kids' Toys You Can Make Yourself

    Sometimes a simple, inexpensive toy can keep 'em occupied for way longer than anything from Toys R Us.

    Kersey of Ardor Blog shows us how to make these adorably charming toys that she created for her son. First up, she made giant dice out of wooden blocks.


    Step 1: Once the primer is dry, start painting!

    Step 2: Once your blocks are all painted up, let them dry completely.

    Step 3: Next, grab your pencil and paint to turn these blocks into dice!

    Step 4: Let your new dice dry completely and let your little one go to town!

    Step 1: Grab your watercolor paper and draw your mountains.

    Step 2: Cut out your mountains and punch the holes toward the bottom of each mountain.

    Step 3: Watercolor the mountains.

    Step 4: Once they are totally dry, you are ready to play!