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Using Megaphone To Promote Posts

The Megaphone is the tool that will be used to promote posts throughout BuzzFeed. The target audience of this document includes editors who currently have access to publish, and then promote, suggest and/or queue posts throughout the site.

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In SuperPoster, you will still select a section for your post, but all the options for promoting the post have moved. Instead you'll see the promotions options in the Megaphone window, which you will see after you publish or queue your post.

Once you are done with the post, you will hit QUEUE POST or PUBLISH NOW and you'll see one of two options:



Cute little glossary:

Add to [vertical] will add the post to the vertical that is it assigned to.

Suggest to HOMEPAGE will suggest the post to the BuzzFeed homepage.

• You can also Suggest to [other verticals] using the dropdown. (Note: You can Suggest to more than one vertical at once!)

• You can Show in Thumbnails or not. (Show in Network is controlled by Show in Thumbnails.)

If you do not have the necessary permissions to add the post directly to the flow of the vertical that the post is assigned to, the option to add the post will be grayed out and the interface will default to suggesting the post to that vertical. Like this:

When you suggest a post, it will show up in the suggestions list of the Mission Control vertical that you suggested to. Users who currently moderate Mission Control will see suggestions in the same way they are used to.

Note: Megaphone does not email the editor of that vertical. Editors should get used to keeping Mission Control for their vertical open in a tab, and they will be able to see the number of waiting suggestions in the tab, like this:

If you decide you don't want to promote the post right at publish or queue time, you can open the Megaphone interface and change the settings later, by going to the Megaphone tab in SuperPoster.

So, yes, you CAN open the Megaphone after a post has already been promoted! The modal will then look something like this:


If the post is currently in the homepage suggestion queue, you can't suggest it again. (You can suggest it again once it's been dismissed from homepage suggestions.)

You can also remove a post from Thumbnails from here.

Back to the Megaphone tab in the Sidebar:

Here, you can see the post's promotion history, including whether it has previously been suggested to the Homepage. This should help prevent the same post being re-suggested to the HP multiple times.

From this same Megaphone tab, if you scroll down, you can access the Optimizer Tool!

That's it! And in classic BuzzFeed fashion, here's a GIF

Any questions or issues surround using the awesome, out-of-this-world megaphone?Email

Have a question about site permissions? Email

Enjoy the Megaphone and have fun promoting your posts!

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