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CMS Feature: Grid Sort

Grid Sort now appears in the List Editor!

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​Until recently, we had a thing called 'Sort Mode' that let you sort your subbuzzes, but it was kind of hard to see just what you were sorting, and we felt we could do better.

So we went and made Grid Sort. It sorts... but in a grid!

(look it's a grid)

It's pretty simple... you just drag stuff around! But we do have two power-user tricks to clue you into:

And that's all there is to it! Go get sorted.

Grid Sort comes to you thanks to the development work of Sean Gilbertson in Minneapolis, the product design of Allison Chefec, the endless and thankless QA work of Ryan Nelsen (thank a QA person today!), and the invaluable feedback of our Beta Fish testing group. Best fish!

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