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A New Way To Let Us Know About Bugs!

Report issues to your friendly Product Support team as you encounter 'em directly from the CMS.

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Bugs make us sad, and we work hard at squashing them as fast as we can.

We want to be even faster (and we bet you do, too). One huge thing that helps us is when you write in to report them.

So, we've added a new feature: A tool that sends us enhanced bug reports, right from the CMS.

You might have seen it already! It's right in the toolbar:

Go ahead and try it! When you click "Report an Issue", you'll be able to highlight a part of the screen to point us to the problem.


This tool also captures useful information for us, that will help us get to the bottom of the issue faster.


Then, you can tell us what you were doing when the problem happened, and the report is automatically sent to our Product Support team - Rachel, Alp, Arielle, Bari, and Brandon. We'll follow up with you by e-mail, like we always do.


*Can I still use the bugs@ e-mail address? Yes! This tool sends reports into the very same system. It's just like writing to bugs@, which you can totally still use.

*Can I send non-bug feedback, like feature ideas? Yes! We love all kinds of feedback. Feed it to us!

*Why isn't this thing called "BuzzFeedback"? We tried, but the people who collect employee-satisfaction surveys got there first.

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