The 18 Stages Of Flappy Bird Addiction

Be ready to embrace the latest app craze and wave goodbye to Candy Crush.

1. The Candy Crush hype is over, and after being stuck on level 60 for ages you give up

2. However you realize life without popping candy gets boring pretty quickly

3. You even attempt to do something productive, with failure

4. Then your friends tell you about this new addictive game - Flappy Bird

5. You ask your friend desperately to go on next

6. It’s your turn on their phone, not knowing what you’ve just signed up for

7. And after watching how bad your friend has done, you think to yourself

8. But then as you tap the smartphone, you understand how hard it is and you swell with embarrassment

9. Your friend then points out that you didn’t even pass one pipe

10. Straight away you go to download the app to beat your friend’s high score of 4

11. Hours go by with no luck, you even claim to be addicted, but you don’t care

12. You think about stopping, but your mind and heart say no


13. Finally after 3 days, 21 hours and 17 minutes you break the record your friend set

14. After comes the Beyonce moment…you’re the best in the game right now

(No pun intended)

15. The next time you see your friend, you go up to them like a baws

16. And you’re just like

17. You show them the new record, and they’re like

18. But then they tell you smugly that last night they passed one more pipe than your best score

Candy Crush destroyed social lives, but Flappy Birds may just be the real murderer.

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