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    BuzzFeed's Eric Harris And Jonathan Perelman Make The Adweek 50

    Eric Harris, EVP of business operations, and Jonathan Perelman, VP of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, were named two of 2014's most influential buyers, sellers and marketers.

    "This is a new media force unlike any seen in quite some time, thanks in part to Harris, 45, and Perelman, 33. This year, BuzzFeed has climbed the top 50 Internet property charts in the U.S. and is now close to the top 25, ahead of Gawker, Pinterest and The New York Times in traffic, according to comScore. Also, it's built a robust ad platform with native and video content. To maintain its meteoric growth, BuzzFeed raised $50 million this year." -Garett Sloane, Adweek