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    AdWeek Names BuzzFeed "Hottest Digital Brand" And "Hottest In Native Advertising"

    2013 AdWeek Hot List names BuzzFeed "Hottest Digital Brand" and "Hottest in Native Advertising." BuzzFeed was also named "Hottest Digital Brand" by AdWeek's Readers' Choice Poll.

    Is BuzzFeed overhyped? Perhaps. Has it built its name on cat pictures and ultimately pointless posts about '90s TV shows—among them, "The Ultimate Guide to Saved by the Bell Fashion"? Absolutely. Is nearly every Web publisher, in the wake of its wildly successful formula, experimenting with GIFs and listicles, and aiming to produce content designed first and foremost to go viral? Yes, with a capital Gen Y. Then, there's BuzzFeed's expertise in native advertising—something else every publisher is falling over itself to replicate. Its content isn't all fun and games, turning its attention to hard news and itself making news (and embarrassing a plagiarizing Sen. Rand Paul) in the process. It all makes BuzzFeed not only the voice of the millennial generation but also perhaps the most influential online publisher of the last decade.