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The Top 10 Best School Instagram Accounts

Ten of the best school Instagram accounts you will see anywhere, including college, high school, and elementary school accounts.

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1. Rhode Island School of Design

Instagram: @risd1877 / Via Instagram

It's probably not surprising that a design school would have an amazing Instagram account. Most every picture is beautiful, colorful, and gives followers a sense of what a day at the Rhode Island School of Design is like. This account is a must follow for the design-minded.

2. University of Michigan

Instagram: @uofmichigan / Via Instagram

Even a cursory glance at the University of Michigan's Instagram feed must give followers a sense of school pride. The maize and blue is pervasive and the account does a great job of highlighting the school's prowess in academics and sports. This account is a great example of how consistent branding is not inconsistent with covering a broad scope of subject matter.

3. Trinity School

Instagram: @trinityschoolnyc / Via Instagram

The elite Trinity prep school in NYC shows creativity and warmth on its Instagram account by featuring photos of students, taken by students. The pictures are vibrant and engaging, and because the pictures are taken by students, everything feels authentic. This is a great example of how to fill a feed with great photography without the benefit of a professional photographer.

4. University of California, Berkeley / Via Instagram

U.C. Berkeley is a top school with a rich history and diverse student body. Its Instagram account makes a clear and successful effort to show off that diversity, which is something Instagram is uniquely well-suited for.

5. School of Visual Arts

Instagram: @svanyc / Via Instagram

There has to be some pressure on whoever runs the School of Visual Art's Instagram account. If any school should be good at Instagram, it should be a visual arts schools. Fortunately, the SVA's account doesn't disappoint. A mix of beautiful photos of NYC, students, and students' art highlights both the school and the school's aesthetic.

6. University College of London

Instagram: @ucl / Via Instagram

Appropriately, the star of the University College of London's Instagram account is London itself. Students are featured occasionally, but where this account really shines is showing off the city it calls home.

7. Arcadia Unified School District

Instagram: @arcadiaunified / Via Instagram

The Arcadia Unified School District's Instagram account shows that public school districts can do Instagram well too. Their feed goes to great lengths to demonstrate the wide variety of extracurricular activities on offer in the well-regarded California school district.

8. Yeshiva Har Torah

Instagram: @hartorah / Via Instagram

At times featuring good photography, at times irreverent, at times laugh out loud funny, Yeshiva Har Torah, a Jewish private school in New York, provides a template for how small schools can get noticed on Instagram. Their account is worth a follow even if you don't know anything about them.

9. Brown University

Instagram: @brownu / Via Instagram

Brown's Instagram is so consistent it's almost boring. It features mostly close up portraits of people on campus or pictures of the campus itself. However, the account does those two things so well that, rather than feeling stale, it ends up feeling like good branding. The portraits are closely cropped and well lit. The campus pictures are moody and evocative. And just often enough, they throw in something different to keep things feeling fresh.

10. Middleburg Academy

Instagram: @middleburgacademy / Via Instagram

Their Instagram following isn't that big (yet), but Middleburg Academy does a lot of things well. Their feed shows off a variety of in-school and extra-curricular activities, without ever feeling forced.

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