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    These Are The 15 Adult Swim Shows That Ended Way Too Soon

    Can I get some love for "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet"?

    15. Metalocalypse

    Time Warner

    This popular show about a grisly ultra-popular metal band was known for being cancelled before certain plot points could have been resolved.

    14. Venture Bros

    Time Warner

    This darkly humorous send-up of Jonny Quest lasted seven seasons before getting cancelled. Unfortunately, the series had yet to reach a satisfying conclusion.

    13. King Star King

    Time Warner

    This ultra-violent and psychedelic cartoon only lasted one season, but deserved more due to its intricate visuals.

    12. Fat Guy Stuck in Internet

    Time Warner

    This sci-fi comedy only had one season, despite its intriguing premise.

    11. Titan Maximum

    Time Warner

    This stop-motion parody of mecha super-team anime only had one season despite its colorful visuals and humorous character dynamics.

    10. Tigtone

    Time Warner

    This grotesque fantasy action-comedy series only got two seasons, but it’s unique photo-realistic imagery could have gone on for at least one more.

    9. The Drinky Crow Show

    Time Warner

    This CGI adaptation of Tony Millionaire’s work lasted for one season, which seems too brief given its level of artistry.

    8. Saul of the Molemen

    Time Warner

    This surreal parody of Saturday morning sci-fi shows from the 70’s only had twenty episodes, but its world was immersive enough for several more.

    7. Soul Quest Overdrive

    Time Warner

    This Aqua Teen Hunger Force spin-off only had four episodes air, despite its appealing character designs.

    6. Apollo Gauntlet

    Time Warner

    This deadpan fantasy series should’ve had more than one season to explore its unique world.

    5. Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil

    Time Warner

    This CGI comedy about the antichrist was Adult Swim’s first show to have a female protagonist, and it should’ve also been one of its longest. If nothing else, the cool cgi visuals and character designs would have inspired some amazing-looking merchandise.

    4. Perfect Hair Forever

    Time Warner

    This crude anime parody had nine episodes, which seems criminal when you consider that Adult Swim gave Gemusetto Machu Picchu an entire second season.

    3. Beef House

    Time Warner

    This goofy sitcom parody only had one season, despite starring famous comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

    2. Mostly 4 Millenials

    Time Warner

    This high octane parody of modern youth culture stopped production after eight episodes, even though Eric Andre helped produce them.

    1. The Cleveland Show


    Family Guy and American Dad episodes are still being made, yet Seth McFarlane’s hilarious third series, The Cleveland Show, was cancelled after only four seasons. While it may not have been an Adult Swim original, it did air on Adult Swim (which was the criteria for being on this list).

    Dd you watch any of these? Do you agree with this ranking?

    Am I missing any of your favs? Let us know in the comments below!

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