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    These Are The 15 Adult Swim Shows That Ended Way Too Soon

    Can I get some love for "Fat Guy Stuck in Internet"?

    15. Metalocalypse

    14. Venture Bros

    13. King Star King

    12. Fat Guy Stuck in Internet

    11. Titan Maximum

    10. Tigtone

    9. The Drinky Crow Show

    8. Saul of the Molemen

    7. Soul Quest Overdrive

    6. Apollo Gauntlet

    5. Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil

    4. Perfect Hair Forever

    3. Beef House

    2. Mostly 4 Millenials

    1. The Cleveland Show

    Dd you watch any of these? Do you agree with this ranking?

    Am I missing any of your favs? Let us know in the comments below!