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    I Believe Hawkeye Is The Most Important Person On The Avengers Team, And Here Are 8 Reasons To Prove It

    Let's give the man the love he deserves!

    1. He doesn’t rely on powers.

    Wanda Maximoff shows off a ball of energy in her hands while Hawkeye gets ready to shoot an arrow from his bow
    Marvel Studios

    Other Avengers need robot suits or gamma-irradiated muscles to get the job done. Some of the Avengers are even literal gods and wizards. Hawkeye, on the other hand, doesn’t need any of that fancy stuff to fight crime. He’s the all-natural Avenger, and he likes it that way.

    2. He’s a family man.

    Hawkeye stands with his eldest son, middle daughter, and young son along with his wife at a funeral
    Marvel Studios

    Tony Stark took, like, 22 movies to have a kid. Practically all of the other Avengers don’t even have kids. All of them except for Hawkeye and Ant-Man. Ant-Man, who was too busy going to jail and the Quantum Realm to take care of his daughter. Hawkeye, on the other hand, has always been there for his kids. He’s the best Avenger AND the best dad.

    3. He was going to sacrifice himself for Black Widow.

    Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton stand facing opposite of each other
    Marvel Studios

    Sorry for the spoilers if you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet but, when given a cosmic choice, Hawkeye chose to sacrifice himself instead of letting Natasha Romanoff die. But then, Natasha sacrificed herself instead, because she knew the world still needed Hawkeye and his selflessness.

    4. He’s got a cool-looking face.

    A close up of Hawkeye as he looks up at someone off screen
    Marvel Studios

    The MCU is filled with attractive people, but nobody has a face that’s as iconic as Jeremy Renner’s. At the risk of sounding a little bit creepy, his round eyes, creased forehead, and understated mouth form a trifecta that is both deeply human and highly efficient. He’s a killer, but he has feelings. That’s the sort of face Hawkeye has.

    5. He’s got the coolest outfits.

    Hawkeye stands in front of a raging fire while fixing the tips of his arrows
    Marvel Studios

    Missing sleeves. Tactical leather. A touch of dark maroon at times. Is this a superhero outfit, or an award-winning entry at a fashion runway? Hawkeye can always be counted on to have memorable outfits that pop on the big screen. His clothes are sleek and flashy while not being too over the top. It’s a delicate balance that only he could pull off.

    6. He used to be Ronin.

    A mysterious hooded figure holds out a dangerous sword towards another man holding a sword
    Marvel Studios

    While the other Avengers bumbled around aimlessly during the Blip, Hawkeye reinvented himself in Japan as a hunter of the Yakuza, otherwise known as the Japanese mafia. Hawkeye even got himself a hooded mask that made me scream with joy when I saw it. That sort of awesome reinvention, even when short lived, is why Hawkeye rules.

    7. He’s got explosive arrows.

    Clint Barton sits perched on a roof top getting ready to shoot an arrow from his bow
    Marvel Studios

    Rocket launchers and grenade launchers tend to be big guns. But, imagine if you could replace those with a relatively light bow and arrow set that shot explosives. Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine that, because Hawkeye uses that sort of equipment all the time. Move over, Tony Stark, because Hawkeye’s got the best weapons around.

    8. And finally, he makes archery look easy when it's actually pretty difficult.

    A close up of Clint Barton as he gets ready to shoot three arrows from his bow
    Marvel Studios

    Have you ever used a bow and arrow before? It’s tricky. Really tricky. You need both strength and hand-eye coordination to do it right, and that’s if you’re standing perfectly still. Hawkeye manages to pull off that sort of stuff while constantly being on the move. And he doesn’t even have powers or super-soldier serum to help him do it!

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