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    I Believe Hawkeye Is The Most Important Person On The Avengers Team, And Here Are 8 Reasons To Prove It

    Let's give the man the love he deserves!

    1. He doesn’t rely on powers.

    Wanda Maximoff shows off a ball of energy in her hands while Hawkeye gets ready to shoot an arrow from his bow

    2. He’s a family man.

    Hawkeye stands with his eldest son, middle daughter, and young son along with his wife at a funeral

    3. He was going to sacrifice himself for Black Widow.

    Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton stand facing opposite of each other

    4. He’s got a cool-looking face.

    A close up of Hawkeye as he looks up at someone off screen

    5. He’s got the coolest outfits.

    Hawkeye stands in front of a raging fire while fixing the tips of his arrows

    6. He used to be Ronin.

    A mysterious hooded figure holds out a dangerous sword towards another man holding a sword

    7. He’s got explosive arrows.

    Clint Barton sits perched on a roof top getting ready to shoot an arrow from his bow

    8. And finally, he makes archery look easy when it's actually pretty difficult.

    A close up of Clint Barton as he gets ready to shoot three arrows from his bow